Reviews Of The Best Yoga Paddle Boards

Cheap PaddleBoards (1)If you think you’ve been hearing a lot about paddleboard yoga classes, you’re certainly not the only one. In perhaps one of the fastest growing fitness trend since 2016, yoga beginners and experts alike have been flocking to the water. While yoga already has important health benefits, like strengthening your core and toning stubborn muscle groups, balance and concentration is an even greater priority when on the water. Fitness and yoga enthusiasts alike have stepped up to the challenge as the trend continues to grow, boasting outstanding health benefits, as well as a scenic landscape that no gym can match. If you’re thinking about dipping into paddle board yoga, the most vital item to being able to practice is found in the name itself: a sup yoga board. Listed below are the best paddle boards for yoga currently available on the market.

Reviews of the Best Paddleboards for Yoga

  1. ISLE 10’5” Versa Stand Up Paddle Board & Adjustable Carbon Shaft

With over 20 years of experience manufacturing sup paddle boards, ISLE has managed to create a dynamic, durable board for all experience levels, perfectly matched for yoga experts and first-timers alike. Its length and rounded design delivers greater stability and increased versatility when balancing on water. At 27 pounds, its grooved handles enable fluid transportation from car to surf. Happily, for those who strive to be eco-friendly, their lightweight board is manufactured with as little waste as possible. With its user-friendly nature and durable construction, the ISLE 10’5” Versa is one of the best sup for yoga available for purchase.

  1. Ten Toes iSUP Inflatable Standup Paddleboard SUP, the WEEKENDENDER

For those concerned about transporting a bulky board back and forth, the inflatable WEEKENDER is a great option from the best sup boards for yoga. Simply inflate at the beach, and deflate when finished. Easy transportation and compact storage make this sup yoga board incredibly user-friendly. The inclusion of an air pump and a repair kit offers extra security for those long days on the water. After yoga ends, the included paddle allows for a versatile use of this stand-up paddle board. Made of sturdy material, the WEEKENDER ensures long-lasting durability and can hold up to 250 pounds.

  1. Lotus YSUP Inflatable SUP Board

With its stylish design and sleek construction, it’s no wonder that the Lotus YSUP model has been hailed as one of the best paddle boards for yoga. Yoga enthusiasts will love the additional traction offered from the thick top layer of foam, making those trickier balancing acts more feasible. It’s widened frame offers a greater sense of balance and control on the water. Dense, durable material ensures that your board will remain intact and keep you afloat. Its convenience is not to be understated: simply deflate your Lotus board, and bring it home comfortably with the included shoulder strap carrying case.

  1. SharkSUPS 10´6″ Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard Set

For the beginner who wants one of the best sup boards for yoga, The SharkSUPS inflatable board fits perfectly. This slender board easily supports your movements through rivers, lakes, and oceans. With speed and stability, the SharkSUPS paddle board is designed to keep you afloat, and you’ll feel more in tune with every pose with this sturdy yoga board.

Innovative methods of transportation make getting to the water as easy as possible. This inflatable board deflates and fits into a compact, rolling suitcase. As an additional bonus, the included waterproof phone case makes capturing those perfect yoga poses photo possible.

  1. Aqua Marina Perspective New Beginner Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Board

Perhaps the simplest and best sup for yoga beginners is the Aqua Marina Perspective model of stand-up paddle boards. Unique to this board are the additional side chambers, built to maximize stability and increase confidence while on the water. A wide standing area allows ample room for movement, an important factor in any yoga sequence. Shift your weight and stretch freely with added protection from a larger, more stable surface. With its colorful, geometric design and sensible construction, this stand-up paddle board is the perfect fit for those who are just beginning to explore sup yoga.

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While paddle boards have traditionally been thought of as a creative take on canoeing or kayaking, the paddle board has certainly evolved. With more and more people increasing awareness on health and fitness, the yoga community has thrown away their mats and traded them in for the sup yoga board.

After all, it is hard to resist the empowering and unique opportunity to tone muscles and increase stability while surrounded by miles of beautiful water. Nature acts as both as motivator and provider in this feat of strength and balance on the board. It’s refreshing, challenging and, for many folks, is life-changing. By choosing the right board, sup yoga beginners and experts alike can easily experience this adventurous—and wildly popular—new workout.

Why You Should Try Out Yoga On A Paddleboard

Doing yoga on a paddleboard might sound a little intimidating at first. After all, it can be hard to keep your balance even when you’re safe on the ground! That said, paddleboard yoga has been steadily growing in popularity for a while now, and it’s definitely worth checking out. Here are a few reasons to give it a closer look.

You Don’t Have To Be An Expert To Try Paddleboarding

Experienced yogis aren’t the only people that can enjoy yoga on a paddleboard. Even if you’re a complete beginner, this is something that you can try.

Because you’ll be balancing on a paddleboard, you won’t have to tackle any complex poses. You’ll be able to stick to simple poses and work on your balance. A paddleboard can actually the perfect place to build and hone your balance so that you can accomplish more in the yoga studio.

You’ll Have The Chance To Improve Your Technique

Your paddleboard will help you notice things about your technique that you might not catch when you’re on a mat. Your board will shift as you change your position. If you have more weight on one side than the other, you’ll be able to feel the difference.

Many people struggle with positioning and posing, even if they’ve been practicing yoga for a while. A paddleboard will give you the chance to identify the mistakes you’re making so that you can correct them. You’ll be able to feel everything that you’re doing wrong, and you’ll also be able to feel the difference when you get things right.

It Provides An Amazing Workout

Since water isn’t a stable surface, paddleboard yoga requires you to engage your core muscles so that you can maintain proper balance. You’ll be using all of the muscles in your midsection so that you can maintain your position and keep afloat.

It’s Ideal For Mindfulness

Mindfulness, the state of being aware of ourselves and our surroundings, has many physical and emotional benefits. If you’re interested in developing a stronger sense of mindfulness, you’ll absolutely want to try activities like this one.

Standard studio yoga is already a great way to build mindfulness skills. Yoga requires you to focus on your breathing and pay attention to your body movements. However, when you’re practicing yoga on the water, you’ll be taking things to an entirely new level. After a few sessions on a paddleboard, mindfulness will start to come more naturally to you.

Being On A Paddleboard Forces You To Flow Down

Most people live harried lives. When you have a lot to do, you might rush to get through certain tasks. Some people rush through every aspect of their life, even relaxing activities like yoga.

If it’s a struggle for you to slow down, why not try exercising on a paddleboard? You can’t rush through your poses when you’re trying to stay balanced on the water. In order to keep from splashing in the water, you’ll have to take things slow and focus on your breathing. Paddleboard yoga can help you to get the relaxation that you need.

Exercising Outdoors Can Be Very Refreshing

Spending time outdoors is good for your health and mental well-being. Gym workouts can be a little bit stuffy. If the weather is beautiful, why not exercise on the water instead?

When you’re on your paddleboard, you’ll be able to feel the cool air emanating from the water below you. You’ll be able to feel the sunshine on your skin and hear the sounds of birds chirping in the air. By the time you’ve finished, you’ll feel completely refreshed.

Paddleboard Yoga Can Help You If You’re In A Rut

If you’ve been practicing yoga for years, you might be in a little bit of rut. The best way to change that is to shake things up from time to time. A stand-up paddleboard will definitely help you to change things up a bit!

Because this is so different from traditional yoga, it can force you out of your rut. Even when you go back to your old studio and your old routines, you might not be working out in the same ways. It can give you a fresh new perspective.

It Can Make You Feel Fearless

Do you ever feel like fear or anxiety rules your life? If you’re afraid to take risks, you should try to engage in practices that force you to let go of your fears.

It might not be easy to find the courage to stand up on your paddleboard, especially if you’ve never done something like this before. However, you’ll learn to let go of your fears of falling into the water and focus on what your body is doing. The experience can be incredibly empowering, and it can have a very positive impact on the way you lead your life.

It Offers A Different Experience From Classroom Yoga

Yoga is definitely beneficial, but it tends to work the same parts of your body every time. If you’re fond of yoga, but would like to get a different kind of workout, switching over to a stand-up board can really change things for you.

You’ll challenge different muscles when you move through your poses. You’ll be able to work your quadriceps, shoulders, arms, and knees in new ways. You’ll probably feel a little bit sore after you get through your first workout session, and that’s definitely a good thing.

If you’re looking for a solid core workout, you don’t have to look any further than paddleboard yoga. Yoga tends to be a relaxing activity, but this style of yoga can actually be fairly intense. If you’ve been trying to get into better shape, this might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Don’t be afraid to try yoga on a paddleboard! Sure, paddleboard yoga can be a bit challenging, but that’s part of the fun. This style of yoga offers all kinds of benefits, and it can be really rewarding. Check out paddleboard yoga and see if it might be right for you.