Reviews of The Best Paddle Board Paddles

It’s summertime and you’re ready to hit the water and begin stand up paddle (SUP) boarding. This fantastic sport opens you up to discover the surrounding nature and wildlife, where ever you choose to go. There is nothing that can be quite as serene as being on the water.

Not only is paddle boarding calming and serene but it also is a great whole body workout.  While you are soaking up the sun and enjoying the beauty, you won’t even notice that your body is becoming fit.

Whether you are at the river, lake or ocean, using the best paddle board paddles is the best thing you can do. Having sturdy, lightweight stand-up paddle board paddles will allow you to stay out on the water all day. Read this article to find out about the top five paddles to buy for 2016.

Adjustable Alloy SUP Paddle by BPS

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If your goal is to buy cheap SUP paddles that are high quality, BPS can provide this for you. These paddles originate and have been tested on the rough terrain of New Zealand. These paddles gained the reputation as the best paddles for SUP because they can be used by anyone. They come with an adjustable length so they can be used by adults, children and everyone in-between. BPS paddles are extremely affordable and well worth the value, only $40.00 on Amazon. Not only are they worth the value but these paddles also come with a 12-month warranty. These stand-up paddle board paddles are great for those who are experienced and inexperienced in paddle boarding.

Adjustable Alloy SUP Paddle by Own the Wave

Never worry about losing your paddles to the water again. These paddles are meant to float in any body of water, including salt water and fresh water. These are simply the best paddles for SUP. Rest assured that these will make paddle boarding enjoyable on all bodies of water.  These paddles are made by a specialty shop that focuses on only making the best paddle board paddles.  These paddles are well known and trusted by many paddle boarders all over the world! These paddles come with many benefits. They come at a great price, have a 12-month warranty and lightweight. Get out there today and own your waves.

3 PIECE Adjustable SUP Paddle by BPS with FREE Paddle Bag

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Another great product made by BPS. This paddle is a little costlier but well worth it! This paddle is one of the lightest paddles, made out of high-quality carbon fiber.  Although anyone can use this fantastic paddle, it would be a great choice for a newbie. Because it only weighs 1.75 pounds, it makes it easy to paddle all day long. If you are looking for a paddle that is easy to take on the go, this three piece paddle is the way to go. It is easy to assemble and disassemble. Along with being easy to assemble, it is also very strong so you don’t need to worry about the paddle coming undone.

Stand Up SUP Paddle – 3-Piece Adjustable Stand Up Paddle. Super Paddles

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Never has paddle boarding looked so good. Super Paddles have an aluminum shaft and a light nylon blade.  It can be adjusted for people of different heights and sizes but has been recommended for people who are taller than five feet. These paddles are designed specifically with the newbie in mind. If you are new to paddle boarding these would make a great paddle for you.  Beat up these paddles all you want and they will still be ready to hit the water. Those who have reviewed this product state that it is extremely convenient to travel with as it comes in three pieces.

Alloy SUP Paddle – 3 Piece Adjustable Stand Up Paddle – Adventurer Series

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Coming in at number five is the Adventurer Series Alloy SUP Paddle.  This is also a three piece easy to store and take on the go paddle. It is made from high-quality materials including an aluminum shaft and a nylon blade.  Be confident that this is a great and trustworthy paddle for new users.  As with the other paddles, Adventurer Series paddle is adjustable. It is great for children and adults over the height of 4 feet 8 inches. This makes choosing paddles for the whole family easier than ever. You also have a 12-month warranty with this paddle so you can be worry free when buying this product!


When you buy any of these paddles above, you can be confident that you are going to have tons of fun on the water this summer. Some important things to remember in buying a paddle is that it is: lightweight, durable, high quality, buoyant and correct for your height.  The paddles mentioned above have all these qualities and are adjustable for most heights. Summertime is the best time for paddle boarding fun.  This fun is meant for everyone. But it begins with having the proper gear. Having proper gear will make paddle boarding safe, fun and easy for the whole family.